I help businesses build tech products

My name is Alberto and in this studio there is only me. I like to collaborate with individuals to explore ideas and make them real.

After +8 years exploring with others...

Throughout my career, I've collaborated with a leading digital newspaper in Spain, contributed to combating single-use plastics and food waste, and played a part in the expansion of a prominent floral company in the Spanish market, among others.

Along the way, I've enjoyed working in smaller companies, diving into projects from start to finish. Whether as a full-stack developer, technical lead, or project manager, my heart is in front-end development.

I'm all about making things visually appealing and user friendly, striving to make life easier through technology.


And some explorations on my own

This is what I can do for you

Whenever you go out to explore, remember to take some reliable tools with you. In my case, I don't leave home without React and NodeJS in my backpack.

  • cup

    Ongoing exploration (from 4k€/M). Need someone to help your team move forward? I can join your team and help you.

  • cup

    One-time exploration (price per project). Got an idea? We can talk about it. We'll define together the minimum functionality we need and I'll help you to implement this project.

  • cup

    Walkie-Talkie Consultation (120€/hour). Are you lost in the woods and need advice? You can call me and ask me what you need. I'll do everything I can to help you find your way back to the campfire.

  • Over the years I've explored different sectors, but my favorites are: healthcare, photography & video, gastronomy, travel & tourism, art, or technology & education.

If you don't trust me, trust them


Working with Alberto was easy from day one, he has a great attitude and energy making him a valuable team player. He knows his stuff and gets the work done with precision and quality.

Maru, Partner at Pixel Research Lab Maru, Partner at Pixel Research Lab

I have worked side by side with Alberto for two years co-leading the Bûmerang technical team and I can only say that without him we wouldn't have gotten to where we are. His personal and professional skills have made a difference, providing his vision from minute one, helping the team grow and make a qualitative leap to our digital product. Alberto is resolute, has clear ideas and knows how to execute everything he does with quality. It has been a pleasure to work with Alberto.

Marynes, CPO at BûmerangMarynes, CPO at Bûmerang

Alberto is the kind of person that makes the difference in a team and with whom I would always be happy to work. Always eager to learn and teach, very involved in technology but also in product and business, and always with an impeccable attitude. He stands out for his pragmatism, proactivity and teamwork. He is very methodical, detail-oriented and concerned about the quality of everything delivered.

Rubén, CTO at ColvinRubén, CTO at Colvin

Alberto is a real godsend! Bringing in a holistic skillset, he's quick, very good at what he does, adaptable and organised! We realised how valuable he is to our start-up - seeing him get on with work from Day-1 and fixing some critical issues before we finished the sentence "Welcome to the team!" - that we stuck by him despite an 11-hour time difference. If we could keep him on a full-time, permanent basis, we would without hesitation

Hassan, CEO at HyverHassan, CEO at Hyver